Friends of Hoyt Park (FHP), Annual Membership

There are now two ways to donate to FHP

  1. Print out and send in the membership form with payment
  2. Donate to FHP on-line with Paypal. This does NOT require a Paypal account; you can use your credit card to donate through Paypal

Clicking the "Donate" button below will take you to a new Paypal screen

Suggested membership contributions:

  • Membership . . . Suggested minimum $30
  • Sustaining member . . . Suggested minimum $60

Additional donations to specific funds are always welcome:

  • Ranger fund
  • Prairiefund
  • Woodland fund
Indicate the TOTAL AMOUNT of your donation, including membership + special funds, at the top of the Paypal form

If you wish your donation to be distributed in a specifc way, add a note in the text box right below the total donation where you see "Donate to specific fund(s)".

For example: you might enter $120 in the donation field; then type in the text box: $60-sustaining, $30-Ranger, $30-Prairie

Paypal will share your mailing address with Friends of Hoyt Park, Inc. so we can acknowledge your donation


THANK YOU for becoming a member of Friends of Hoyt Park, Inc.

All paid memberships are voting members at the annual meeting.

The Friends of Hoyt Park, Inc is a non-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Friends of Hoyt Park, Inc.
P O Box 5542
Madison WI 53705