Volunteer Opportunities

Please consider volunteering your time and expertise to the goals of FHP. Here are some of the ways you can volunteer. For more information, contact Tim Astfalk (timastfalk@yahoo.com)

Volunteer Work Days are scheduled monthly during the spring, summer, and fall on Saturday mornings for various projects. See our calendar to the left for dates, times, and scheduled activities.

FHP Projects range in variety, skills needed, and time commitments. See a list of current and past projects to the right. You can also help create a special project.

Board members meet monthly on the 2nd Thursday of the month in the Sequoya Library meeting room, except August and December, to manage FHP and must chair one or more committees.

Committees are forums for workplanning activities and solving problems. All committees need members..

See below for more detailed descriptions of duties for each job.

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All Board Members:

  • attend board meetings
  • chair 1 or more committees (elected members)

Chairperson duties:

  • preside over meetings
  • sign and execute documents
  • provide for new board orientation
  • liaison with Parks Division

Vice-chair duties:

  • perform duties of chair when chair is unavailable

Secretary duties:

  • keep the official Articles of Incorporation
  • keep the official by-laws
  • record and distribute meeting minutes
  • provide for notices of meetings
  • provide for keeping of all books, reports, statements, and other documents and records at the library
  • keep the membership informed of board activities
  • write correspondence

Treasurer duties:

  • have custody of all funds and accounts
  • keep and maintain accounting records
  • prepare quarterly and annual reports
  • prepare annual budget in conjunction with committee chair requests
  • assist with any outside auditing
  • file annual corporation and IRS reports
  • develop procedures for member reimbursements

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Committee Chair duties (general):

  • prepare periodic reports for the board
  • prepare reports for the annual meeting
  • prepare annual budget requests
  • prepare annual workplans
  • prepare needs list for the summer ranger

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Archives Committee duties:

  • keep pictures, newspaper articles, etc.
  • work with the secretary to maintain records in the library
  • search for historical data/material

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Events Committee duties:

  • plan and coordinate summer picnic
  • plan and coordinate winter owl/moon walk
  • help coordinate annual meeting
  • plan other events as suggested

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Grant & Fundraising Committee duties:

  • research, suggest, and apply for grants
  • research and coordinate fundraising initiatives
  • coordinate membership pledging for special fund needs (summer ranger)
  • administer or help administer grants received
  • coordinate grant reports

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Membership and External Relations Committee duties:

  • develop and implement strategies to solicit and maintain members
  • keep membership lists

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Nomination Committee duties:

  • poll existing board members for re-election interest
  • review membership interest in board membership for soliciting potential new board members
  • develop a strategy for interviewing potential board members
  • provide potential board members with FHP information and what would be expected of a board member
  • report to the board with a list of nominees

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Prairie Committee duties:

  • develop strategies and annual workplans for prairie projects in conjunction with master plan
  • work with volunteer committee to schedule workdays

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Publication Committee duties:

  • develop and publish newsletters and postcards
  • standardize publication content and dates of publication

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Structure & Roads Committee duties:

  • develop strategies and annual workplans for projects in conjunction with the master plan
  • work with neighborhoods and city staff on road and storm water issues
  • work with city staff on structure issues
  • work with the volunteer committee and WCC coordinator to schedule workdays

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Volunteer Committee duties:

  • work with committees to schedule workday events
  • liaison with Community Relations Coordinator (Laura Prindle)
  • coordinate Earth Day events (with the events committee?)
  • keeper of volunteer list
  • assemble volunteers for workdays and other events
  • arrange for refreshments for workdays
  • arrange for materials and tools for workdays

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Woodland Committee duties:

  • develop strategies and annual workplans for woodland projects in conjunction with master plan
  • work with volunteer committee to schedule workdays

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Special Projects:

  • define and implement task related to special project
  • solicit board or membership help as needed
  • provide periodic reports to board

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Summer Ranger

  • FHP and the Parks Division develops workplans for the summer ranger
  • attend orientation to the Park
  • keep a daily log of tasks performed
  • monitor the condition of trails and any other problem areas
  • report to the Parks Division with areas of concern and other problems
  • interact with the public
  • communicate regulations
  • help supervise FHP workdays
  • attend board meetings
  • prepare a final report

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Volunteer Calendar

FHP's Volunteer Workdays USUALLY occur on the 3rd Saturday of each month from March through November from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00, weather permitting and unless otherwise noted. EVERYONE is welcome - members, and concerned citizens. 


FHP Projects

The FHP works closely with the Madison Parks Division to develop workplans for specific projects. We also get advice and funding from, and coordinate projects with the UW Department of Landscape Architecture, the City Engineering Division, area Boy Scout and Eagle Scout troops, and the Department of Natural Resources.

What are our goals for the future?

  • create a plan for storm water erosion and road improvements along Regent St. and Owen Parkway
  • solve vehicle problems through and in the park
  • find additional financial resources to help implement our goals, especially for the continuation of the summer ranger program
  • solve the problem of establishing a trail in the lower quarry area
  • improve our annual budget and board transition process

Some past projects that we continue today include:

  • create and implement a master plan
  • implement the woodland management plan
  • restore stone fireplaces
  • trim and mulch trees
  • coordinate woodland burns
  • create and maintain a prairie
  • create and maintain park restroom garden
  • remove invasive species, especially buckthorn, honeysuckle, dames rocket, garlic mustard, and Norway maple
  • hire a summer ranger
  • plant native forbs and shrubs
  • negotiate no- or low-mow areas with the Parks Division
  • distribute newsletters
  • develop and sell FHP t-shirts
  • provide speakers on topics of interest at the annual meeting and other events
  • host a holiday party that includes a fundraiser auction
  • host neighborhood events such as a summer picnic, winter moon/owl walk, and guided park walks
  • coordinate volunteers for workdays throughout the growing season
  • participate in Earth Day with volunteer clean-up of the park
  • work with boy scouts and school groups on various projects
  • coordinate annual prairie burns
  • apply for grants

Some past projects include:

  • erected entrance signs and a bulletin board
  • created a tree walk brochure
  • created an interpretive trail
  • established and restored trails
  • created an original and updated master plan
  • created a woodland management plan to restore woodland communities
  • establish a memorial plaque and tree to the first board members near the walk-in entrance on Regent St.
  • improved signage and barriers along the roadway
  • lobbied for more picnic tables
  • erected prairie signage
  • installed new playground equipment