Welcome to Hoyt Park

Main entrance from Regent St


Our next volunteer work day will be on Saturday Oct 19

  • Meet at 10 AM at the main parking lot and work until noon
  • We will be pulling invasive garlic mustard and dames rocket in areas where we have cleared brush along Regent Street.
  • This will give our native plants a chance to thrive! Dress for the weather 
  • The Friends of Hoyt Park will provide drinks, snacks, and good company
  • Contact Tim Astfalk at timastfalk@yahoo.com if you have any questions.


    If you missed the annual meeting in April, you can learn about Snapshot WI, at this website

    Snapshot blog banner

    This program places motion activated cameras on public and private land throughout WI for wildlife monitoring. It is a volunteer-based project for and is a collaboration between the Wisconsin DNR and several partners


    We had a GREAT evening with the bats at the 2018 annual meeting!

    Thank you Jennifer Redell!

    Did you realize that when you meet a bat face to face, it is really cute! Beautiful brown eyes, very attentive expression, cute wiggling ears . . .

    Additional information: The Wisconsin Bat Program


    Information about the UW-Madison study of Urban Red Foxes and Coyotes


    This was the subject of the program at our annual meeting in April 2016 and the study is continuing in the Hoyt Park neighborhood.

    Summer Photos of Ready Prairie!

    These flowers will be back with us soon!

    ready prairie summer

    Membership Renewal

    Please renew your membership to FHP for calendar year 2017 or become a member using our 2018 membership form. Your volunteer and financial support helps maintain the award winning activities of FHP so that you may enjoy a great neighborhood park. We encourage you to check the box for emailing newsletters so more of your donation goes to Park projects.

    Holiday Giving

    Make your generosity count this holiday season. Please give to The Friends of Hoyt Park. All donations are tax deductible. Mail to: FHP, Inc., P O Box 5542, Madison WI 53705-0542.


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This is a social media site for biological observations. Record plants and animals you observe in the park to share with others or to ask for help with identification, and see what others have observed. The thumbnail photos are some of the recent observations.

What is iNaturalist?

Getting started using it

Map of Hoyt Park

The map will be available at the information kiosk in the park by the main parking lot, but you may also download a copy of the pdf file here (updated July 23, 2015)

Mark Your Calendar

Volunteer work days

Typically the third Sat of each month from 10 AM to Noon

Jul 20

Aug 17

Sep 21

Oct 19

Nov 16, weather permitting


2019 Board Meetings


Thursday, May 9

Thursday, June 13

Thursday, July 11

Thursday, Sep 12

Thursday, Oct 10

Thursday, Nov 14

The FHP Board meets every month, except August and December, on the 2nd Thursday of the month in one of the meeting rooms at Sequoya Library, 4340 Tokay Blvd., from 6:45 to 8:45 p.m. (unless otherwise noted). All members and concerned citizens are welcome. There is a standing agenda item for public comments. Meeting minutes and other documents will be posted on the web site.

Friends of Hoyt Park "archives" (older minutes and records) are maintained in binders at the Sequoya Branch of the Madison Public Library

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