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Meet our new ranger

Jessica Bauer is our new ranger at Hoyt Park for the summer of 2015. She started in mid-May but her official ranger shirt just came in so she'll be easy to recognize.

She's excited about working in the park this summer and has several projects she wants to get started. Say hello to her if you see her.


Hoyt Park Year in Review 2014

Did you know that in 2000, the invasive tree buckthorn covered 89% of Hoyt Park? True. Now, that same invasive's presence has been reduced to 44%. How do we know these numbers? From our ranger Danny Volz's tree survey that he conducted over the summer. And how did buckthorn's presence get reduced from 89% to 44%? "Buckthorn busting" as Danny noted in his 2014 Hoyt Park Ranger Report.

Danny and Mandy get married in Hoyt ParkYes, we were lucky to get Danny back for a second stellar return engagement as our Park Ranger, and he did great job. Oh, did I say "return engagement" for Danny? Better yet, he and his fiance Mandy were married in the park last August!

Danny's other accomplishments include, but are not limited to: public outreach, graffiti control, helping enforce park rules, treating and removing invasive species, adding or fixing trail water bars. In the coming year, we would like to try some new things: for example month bird walks led by volunteers, doing trail improvements, putting in interpretive sings related to geology, quarry history or invasive species management.

The Friends of Hoyt Park have an excellent relationship with the City of Madison, which is finishing up the replacing the fence that goes along the quarry's upper ledge and is working with a contractor to do some concrete work on the stairs that got washed out a bit last summer.

Well, as they say, we couldn't do it without you, so please renew your membership and perhaps kick a bit more than usual to make sure that we can continue to do what we do.

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Dott Memorial

Dott Memorial stoneProf. Robert and Nancy Dott, two stalwarts and original members of the Friends of Hoyt Park have been honored with a boulder, this to be found in the north end of the park in the old quarry. Baraboo quartzite it is, just like the stone found at Devil's Lake. It should also be noted that FHP member, and former student of Prof. Dott, was instrumental in getting this project done. Go for a walk in the park and take a look.

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Map of Hoyt Park

The map will be available at the information kiosk in the park by the main parking lot, but you may also download a copy of the pdf file here

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